The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Hello everyone,

My name is Preston the Nomad and I would like to welcome you to Nomadic Faith.  I wanted to take a moment to give you a background of me and what I envision for this site and the church I hope to establish after seminary.

I was raised in San Antonio, Texas.  I grew up in Cornerstone Church listening to Pastor John Hagee, and I also went to his school for the majority of middle and high school.  If there’s one good thing to say about that school and church is that they teach you a fair amount of theology.  There are failings though they don’t at all prepare you for living in the world outside the faith.  The second you walk out of that protective sphere you are on your own.  I think that’s a huge issue in churches and schools today is that we don’t prepare our young people to survive what the world will throw at them once they leave our shelters.

I lost sight of everything I had been taught for a long time.  A Christian in name only and like so many doing the faith no good.  I compromised, and I did it constantly.  Over time everything fades, and you have nothing left.  I went through the motions for a while and eventually stopped doing that too.  Like Casting Crown writes in their song Slow Fade “It’s a slow fade when you give yourself away
It’s a slow fade when black and white have turned to gray.”

I spent years in this sort of lost funk, and I don’t think that’s an uncommon position for Christians.  There is this thought process where you think I can be better, and the reason I am not better is that I’m struggling with X, but once I get past X I’ll be fine.  That’s the trick, though – you don’t get over X, and you stay stuck in this position.  Pastor Hagee used to say that the greatest trick of the devil was to convince us that we have more time.

I had my wakeup call – and I’ll talk about this a little in the first podcast- earlier this year.  I had an acquaintance or a friend not sure what to call her; I had a person that passed away.  She had been a heavy drug user and from what I understand passed away from an intentional overdose of heroin.  I never had anyone in my life die that wasn’t saved and it hit me. It hit me hard.

I kept thinking about what the purpose of this life and our faith was.  What is the purpose of Christianity? To go to heaven at the end (empty faith based on self-preservation)?  Or to bring other people to heaven?  What about just life?  Was it all about this corporate rate race and our salary or is there something we should be doing?  What good was I doing in the world sitting in my cubicle working for a giant bank and protecting their interests over that of the customers?  The answer, of course, was that I was doing little to no good, and I was not fulfilling the primary commandment of the Christian faith:  to go and tell others about the faith.  We are supposed to be a light that cannot be hidden and even if we try to hide it we can’t.

I decided I was going to quit (work in progress there) and go to seminary.  I am currently enrolled in Christian Apologetics at Liberty University, and I am reviewing schools for the Masters of Divinity after.  I want to be that light that can’t be hidden and I want to teach others to be that light that can’t be hidden.  One of the things I want to do is go back and teach Apologetics to young adults and college students so that we can build a generation that can defend its faith in the open world.  I don’t want to see the next generation fade out like so many of mine did.

Beyond that, I want to establish a Church that goes to the people.  I want to create an entirely new environment for the Church.  My dream is to have a few custom trailers built. One of which will fold out to a stage for praise and worship members, one will have all the audio controls, and the third will hold equipment and have its top reinforced to that people can stand on it to preach. Just a rolling deployable church that can move into any area of the city plant itself and teach the gospel.  This could even be something that moved to other cities since its mobile.  I just think why do people expect Churches to save the lost if the lost have to come to them?  Shouldn’t the churches be going to the lost?  I never heard a command from Christ that said sit and wait here for the unsaved.  Imagine a Church setting up in a park or at festivels, concerts, and sporting events.  Imagine a church just handing out waters with a flier telling people theyre loved and where they can go to find out more.  Imagine a Church that goes where Churches aren’t.


What you can expect from me and this website

The blog portion will cover mostly seminary classes and experiences.  It might cover topics occasionally where I have written about something and don’t feel like covering it in a podcast.  Expect a fair amount of apolgetics here this first year since that’s what I’m studying and one of the areas I want to teach people.

The Shortcasts will be quick podcasts made weekly, they’ll run under ten minutes and will just quickly cover or touch on a Christian topic or issue.  The first one I’m doing is about grace, but I think I might make that a series and do the first several on grace.

The Longcasts will be detailed reviews of Christian topics and the run time will just depend on what it takes to cover them.  I think they will probably run around thirty minutes each.  My first planned one is on the true nature of the devil, or as I like to call him the skilled opponent.

Guest writer section-  This is open to absolutely everyone to talk about whatever they feel like sharing.  I would love to be able to share how Jesus has worked in your lives or how you found your faith.  Even if you just want to talk about a topic, that’s fine anything you want to share.

Artist profiles-  This will be a place where artists can share their work.  It doesn’t have to be a particular type of art it.  Paintings, music, and anything else will be accepted.  This is just a way to let people share their work and get noticed.  There are tons of good artists out there who are struggling to get their art noticed, and I just want to help them do that.


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