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What was the inspiration behind the title Nomadic Faith?

The original apostles inspired the idea for Nomadic Faith. People that moved from place to place with their gospel as opposed to staying in one place and waiting for the people to come to the gospel.  I know from personal experience the most effective churches are the ones that reach out to you.  Which makes sense, most lost people are not going to reach out to the church because they won’t always know that’s what they are missing.

What is the goal of Nomadic Faith?

For right now I’m just sharing the experiences I have learning more in depth about God and releasing podcasts on the issues I am called to speak on.  I’m hoping that they will resonate with a lot of people, but the plan is not more evolved than that.  I want to use this as a platform to share faith and also hone a skill.  So please anytime there are suggestions let me know.

I am hoping that planting a church is in God’s plan for my life.  I want to bring the Church into the public setting.  I have an idea for this moving Church.  The Church could set up in parks, parking lots, and anywhere else with the room.  The Church would use several specially designed trailers.  The Trailers would be configured to serve unique purposes and deploy into essentially a full outdoor church arena.


About me:

My name is Preston, and I am currently a student at Liberty’s Online Divinity School studying for my Masters in Christian Apologetics.  After that, I will be doing my Masters of Divinity, but I haven’t decided where I will be doing that yet (which is sure to be the topic of a few blogs this year).  I also have a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, and I am completing a Master of Arts in Intelligence Studies focusing on Criminal Intelligence.  I work in financial fraud and have additional certification in money laundering.  I had intended a career in either law enforcement or financial fraud but have felt a calling to ministry.








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